Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device Duo Pack
Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device Duo Pack
Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device Duo Pack
Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device Duo Pack
Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device Duo Pack

Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device Duo Pack

$544.70 $838.00 ( Save 35% ) 



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$544.70 $838.00 ( Save 35% ) 

90 Day Money Back Guarantee, if no results seen.


Ana Shares Her Nuovaluce Experience


Benefits of Microcurrent Therapy 

  • Tone and Tightening skin
  • Rebuild Skin protein like collagen & elastin
  • Tones and Tightens eye bags, eyelids, upper lips, jawline and whole face area.
  • No Gel or Cream Required. No Side Effect, Easy to use
  • The use of intensity level will be as follows : First 2 Weeks intensity level: 0-1, next two weeks 1-2, next two weeks 2-3. gradually intensity level will be increased.
  • The effect of gentle microcurrent is cumulative – the longer you use it, the better the effect. We advise that initially start at the lowest setting and increase the setting as get comfortable using the device.
  • Microcurrent therapy stimulates facial muscles deeply to contract and relax muscles to release anti aging skin proteins that make skin tone and tightening.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles on the forehead, cheek area, jawline, above the lips, around mouth and whole face area.
  • Remove discoloration, dark spots, capillaries on face and reduction in the size of pores.
  • Promote collagen Production


Quick Questions & Answers:

  • Can I use the device with all existing products?
    Yes, You can. You can keep your ongoing skin care regimen.
  • Can I use gel or cream before using the device?
    Although there is no conductivity gels or creams required to use our device, we recommend using aloe vera gel in the case of dry skin for smooth gliding.
  • Will I feel the micro current?
    Yes, you will feel very gentle microcurrent without any vibration. 
  • Will I feel any vibration and tickling?
    you will hardly feel microcurrent, vibration and tickling at level 2-3, but from level 4-5 you will feel very gentle microcurrent, vibration and tickling.  We recommend to use our device first 60 days at level 2-3 settings and then increase the setting as get comfortable using the device.  Most important thing is that our device has no side effect. It works naturally and rebuilds skin proteins. 
  • How often can you use the Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device?
    We recommend you to use  our device 3-4 times a week. 
  • Can I use this device for sagging skin tightening? 
    Yes, You can use our device to tone and tightening sagging skin. 


Nuovaluce Anti-Aging microcurrent technology delivers controlled energy 3 layers deep into your skin and reactivating your natural collagen production and restoring the skin’s natural support. This is  proven that this new technology anti-aging microcurrent therapy device that increases in skin collagen content and proven to remove wrinkle, fine lines and make skin tightening and lifting.
By using your Anti-aging device for only 10 minutes a day, your skin will appear more lifted, toned and tightened for a fraction of the cost at a dermatologist. It is your at home personal trainer for your skin. 

Undeniable Proof after 10 minutes use






"Featuring the Powerful Combination of Microcurrent Therapy and Red Light Therapy in One Device. Give your Skin the Results it Deserves."


What is The Science behind Nuovaluce Beauty Anti Aging Device ?
Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device combines the power of Microcurrent treatment and red photon light therapy to reduce the signs of aging, a perfect pairing of science and technology. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away as healing collagen production is increased and skin is firmer, smoother and more radiant. Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device puts the power of light and Microcurrent technology into your hands in an ergonomically designed hand held device that stimulates deep levels of the dermis to create healthy cells and increase blood flow to your skin. The results are nothing short of amazing!!

How can they use it with all existing products?
Nuovaluce encourages clients to keep there ongoing skin care regimen. We like to think of our device as an “accelerator” accelerating your results with your current skin care regimen. It is not mandatory to have a skin care regimen before using the Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device.

Am I able to use the Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device while having makeup or other topical on?
You should have a fresh clean face prior to starting the treatment. After your treatment you are free to use your current skin care regimen.

How long is each treatment?
Each treatment is 10 Minutes. Microcurrent therapy 10 minutes and Light therapy 10 minutes.

When is the best time to use the Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device?
There is no perfect time to use the Nuovaluce Anti Aging Device, since our device is easy, compact, and light customers feel comfortable using it at any time of the day.



The Nuovaluce Anti-aging device was recommended to me by a friend of mine. Having never used any Anti-aging device before, I was initially a bit nervous. I really wanted to do something about my wrinkles in my skin that seem to keep showing up. I finally decided to order and was very impressed with the presentation from Dr. Avini. She was very knowledgeable and I feel like she really connected with me as a user. I use the device 5 to 6 times a week according to the instruction manual. After two weeks I sincerely see results and am motivated and excited to continue to use the device and implement it into my daily lifestyle.

Nancy Reyes

The Nuovaluce Anti-Aging device has changed my life! I am 54 now, but I look young again. A few weeks ago I noticed a Facebook ad on my newsfeed. I visited the website and read all the great information they have on there website. I learned that collagen is the main thing that causes wrinkles and the Anti Aging Device will increase the collagen production in my skin and make it appear smoother. I was impressed and placed an order for the device. I am now 30 days in and I can say this device has changed my life. No side effects, no pain, Just results! There is no need to even purchase a cream for the device like most of the other devices out there on the market. I even carry my Nuovaluce Device with me even when I travel!

Elizabeth Daley

I have had lots of procedures done with many different dermatologists. I spent so much money however I saw minimal changes in my face. Then one day I stumbled upon the Nuovaluce Anti Aging device. I noticed great improvement and changes with diminishing wrinkles, less noticeable eye bags and much more. I feel my face tighter and lifted right only after the first 3 days using it.

Mary Navyac

I purchased the Anti-Aging device 2 months ago. One of the things I most appreciate is how the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles have diminished so quickly it was honestly a surprise i would have never thought it would work that great! I used the device according to what Dr.Avni is saying in the video and I most say she is right it is a awesome device. I am a big big fan of this brand now and will be buying any future products. 

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