About Us

So many people complained to us over the years that the skin care lines out there were damaging their skin, was not working and some made ridiculous claims that turned out to be false even fraudulent. They were feeling down and duped.

After so many complaints we decided to take action.

Create something that actually works.

Create a product or a range of products that make women feel and look beautiful.

That's why started Nouvaluce Beauty offering a wide range of beauty products that make women looking truly amazing.  

A little about us

Nuovaluce Beauty is a California based company operated by a bunch of crazy people who believe in the crazier notion that everyone can live to be a 100 and still look like 16.

We have been passionately providing our clients with trusted, scientifically tested and FDA Approved therapies and devices. Utilizing a bunch of sciency, tech stuff, like collagen boosting Purified Bee Venom  to rejuvenate and repair skin.

All our products designed by an expert team of skin and beauty experts, inventors, coffee drinkers and scientists.

However, creating our winning products were not easy. There was a lot of trial and error.

We’ve spent hours and hours analysing skin care products, medicinal herbs, aromatherapy, anti-aging advancements, bees, hydra studies, exfoliation, and Jennifer Lopez (look at her skin! Side note: For a complexion like J.Lo's, you have to really want it, no alcohol, no sun, no cigarettes, no caffeine and 10 hours of sleep a night whenever possible.)

We also conducted many experiments and tests on ourselves (our scientists were mostly men and they were happy to wear makeup throughout the day). Some were a hit, and some weren’t (the products, not the men-well, guys looked pretty great in makeup too).

The ones that they approved went on to the packaging/labeling phase.

It's easy to look at flawless celebrity skin and chalk it up to top-tier genetics and Hollywood voodoo. But we know it also takes serious dedication to skin care.

But with our range of products, you can get a shortcut.

So, browse our skincare lines, try the ones that resonate with you and let us know the results.